Peter Neufert

Peter Neufert had the idea of creating a trust to honor his father, Ernst Neufert, in 1995.

It was his wish to honor the importance of Ernst Neufert's most prominent work, the Bauentwurfslehre, as well as the Neufert Haus (1929).


After the former German Democratic Republic (DDR) and the Federal Republic of Germany reunited in 1990, the Neufert Haus was restored and became the office of the architects Neufert-Mittmann-Graf. Peter Neufert and his partner, Peter Mittmann, worked together to create new perspectives for the future of the Neufert-Foundation.


One of their ideas involved the Neufert-Box, which was meant to be a kind of joining element, bringing Ernst Neufert and his design into modern time. Peter Neufert and Mittmann worked to create a space in which the Foundation could have a forum for cultural events and exhibitions.

Therefore, the three pillars, on which this foundation was established in 2001 are: the frequently translated Bauentwurfslehre, the Neufert Haus and the Neufert Box.