The Neufert House

When Ernst Neufert moved back to Weimar in 1926, he needed a large house for his family. He also wanted to start up his own architectural office.


In Gelmeroda, which lies high above Weimar, he found the right property for his project. It was here that in 1929, Ernst Neufert built a two story house for him and his family, a space for living and working, inspired by the principles of Bauhaus design.


The house, which was built in only six weeks, was also meant to act as a prototype for a planned wood house series, which was conceived to fit a 10 by 10 meter grid.


Modern architecture, high functionality, economic and ecologic execution and maintenance were the cornerstones of this design.


The Neufert Haus is, except for the Haus am Horn, the only built testimonial of the Bauhaus design in Weimar.


After the house was sold to and lived in by many different owners, it returned to the Neufert estate in 1991. It was then carefully restored and returned to its original state. Today, the Neufert Haus is home to the Neufert-Foundation ans the Transferzentrum Design of the Bauhaus Universität Weimar.