"For architects, the Bauentwurfslehre is the fastest and most comprehensive source of information for a building typology and is now available in its 43rd edition"

Johannes Kister
43. Edition BELFig 43. Edition

Ernst Neufert's lectures at the Bauhochschule Weimar formed the basis for his handbook. Neufert gathered dimensions, experiences and results from practice and research, necessary for the planning of buildings, until he could publish the 1st edition of the Bauentwurfslehre in 1936.

Since 1936 the Bauentwurfslehre has been continuously updated. Now it's available in its 43rd edition. The “Neufert” has been translated in 22 languages.

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“Designing works differently - but nothing makes you feel as confident as the Neufert to have done it right.”

Karim Scharabi, 70 years of BEL, Vieweg publishing house

Updates of the construction design theory.

Since the 38th edition, published in 2005, the architect Johannes Kister and his authors Patricia Merkel, Mathias Brockhaus and Matthias Lohmann have been working on updates of the theory of structural design.

Since then five new editions have been published. Over the years, the wealth of information has been divided into respective "departments" and continuously edited.

Prof. Johannes Kister

“With the content-related balance between the Neufert tradition, that is, the familiar presentations on the one hand, and new topics and a conceptual development on the other, the "BEL" has always remained very close to the architects' everyday design work. Here it is a source of the necessary knowledge and has not yet been competed by any comparable work. Regular updates of new editions guarantee architects worldwide reliable knowledge in 22 languages.


How do architects approach a design?
Prof. Kister, who updates the Bauentwurfslehre on behalf of the Neufert Foundation, talks to renowned German architects and engineers about design topics in the "Neufert". 16 video interviews. are available.


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