The Neufert-Box


In 1999, in honor of Ernst Neufert's 100th birthday, a gallery was built in the garden of the Neufert-Haus, the Neufert-Box. It was built by Peter Neufert.


The blue cube has a 10 by 10 by 10 m floor space. It was assembled from a wooden construction kit, is decked with coated wood cement facade panels from the company Eternit and was built in only ten days. The Neufert-Box celebrated its opening on November 25th, 1999 with the exhibition

“Ernst Neufert – Standarized Design Culture in the 20th Century”, which was created by the Bauhaus Dessau.

The following is especially interesting for architects: if you compare the historic Neufert-Haus with the Neufert-Box, you will notice that the former was built in a meter grid, while the latter was built in a rotameter grid – true to the form of Neuferts Standardization.


The Neufert-Box is a multifunctional room for exhibitions, seminars, concerts, presentations and festivities. Because of this, the Neufert Box promotes the cultural exchange with architecture and design.


The cube, which has twelve floors, can be rented for exhibitions or presentations. If you are interested, please feel free to contact the foundation directly.


The Neufert-Box was honored with the Thüringer Holzbaupreis 2001 (a prize for wooden buildings in the Thuringian area.)