The restored “Neufert House”, Weimar Neufert House 2015
Photo: Noshe

Neufert House

1929 Weimar

Ernst Neufert planned a residential building with an architectural office.

Based on American models, the house (10x10m) was planned with a metre grid as a experimental timber house. Modern architecture, high functionality, economical and ecological execution were the basis of the design. The prefabricated supporting scaffolding was erected on top of the masonry with a cellar, garage and guest room in only two days. (Balloon frame principle)

To minimize manual labor, all parts were made in a local carpentry and assembled on site. After 6 weeks the house was completed.

The ground floor holds a kitchen with a separate entrance and multifunctional workroom. All rooms lead directly to the centrally located staircase. The window bands run across several rooms. The tent roof protrudes far beyond the foundation walls and protects the house from weather.

“Neufert House” Wooden frame construction 1929, Weimar The roofing ceremony, Neufert House, 1929
Neufert House east view
Plan of the “Neufert House” - Ground floor layout Ground floor layout
Plan of the “Neufert House” - Upper floor layout Upper floor layout

The bedrooms and the bathroom of the family were located on the upper floor. Two of these rooms lead onto a balcony.

Plan of self-sufficient garden of the “Neufert House” Plan of the garden

Parts of the trees in the garden bear witness to Neufert's original plans to surround the house with a self-sufficient garden.

For the orchards and flower beds Neufert planned a water ring line for automatic irrigation. A compost heap and a septic tank were planned for the disposal.

After reunification, the "Neufert House" was restored
to its original state and extensively renovated.

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