16 video interviews with renowned architects and engineers deal with current topics from the field of building design. The questions are asked by Johannes Kister, he is in charge of the new editions of "Neufert" on behalf of the Neufert Foundation.

Neuferts Bauentwurfslehre: Interview with Prof. Kister on 43. edition.

What responsibility do architects have when it comes to sustainability Mr. Auer?

What should new housing concepts consider, Mr. Spiegl?

What does modern school construction look like, Mr. Flemming?

What are the reasons for the success of the Bauentwurfslehre, Mr. Kister?

What does functionality mean in design, Mr. Schulz?

What is the difference between a high-rise and a tall building, Mr. Wappner?

How is the bodily aspect formed in your designs, Mrs. Bolles-Wilson?

How are hotel concepts changing Mrs. Nalbach?

Let us talk about light Mr. and Mrs. von Kardorff!

What does classification mean in architecture Mr. Kahlfeldt?

What is the significance of stairs Mr. Lederer?

How do you define the relationship of the interior to the exterior, Mr. Kipar?

How do you design office buildings today, Mr. Giezek?

What does the client expect from Museum Buildings, Mr. Staab?

From the element to the final structure, how does that come together Mrs. Bernhardt?


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