Prof. Ernst Neufert

Prof. Ernst Neufert

Architect, 1900 – 1986

At the age of 19, he studied at Bauhaus in Weimar and worked in the office of Walter Gropius. In 1924, he took over the job as office manager and construction manager at the new Bauhaus and Masters' Houses in Dessau. Icons of the modern age. But Neufert sought new challenges and at the age of 26 accepted a professorship at Bauhochschule in Weimar. After it was closed in 1930, he taught architecture at Itten School in Berlin and worked as a freelance architect.

He later said about the training at Bauhaus:

„Here I recognised for the first time how a building programme [...] resulted from an inner ideal without models, without reference to a style epoch, but only from the attitude to life of our time.

Since then I have known that this is the only true reflection for us, not an absolute one, because there is no such reflection in art, but rather one [...] felt out of the living spirit of the times, with full respect and consideration for everything that had been created before in the strong, genuine cultural epochs, but completely devoted to the urgent tasks of our own time, formally bound to past styles only in so far as own do not impose themselves [...]. (Ernst Neufert in Fritz Gotthelf, Ernst Neufert. An architect of our time, Berlin 1960, p. 7)

Curiosity and a spirit of discovery led Ernst Neufert to architecture at an early age. He is a mastermind in standardization, an architect of large industrial buildings and private homes, and at the same time designs furniture and dedicates himself to teaching.

Professor Ernst Neufert 1927 Weimar 1927, Weimar
Ernst Neufert with colleagues from Itten School in Berlin 1931, Darmstadt 1931, Berlin
Ernst Neufert in a sand chair, design for Knoll, 1955 1955, Darmstadt

Ernst Neufert's work was diverse. His work as a designing and building architect extends beyond 100 designs of the most diverse building typologies.

Ernst Neufert in Darmstadt 50s Ernst Neufert in Darmstadt 50s

In 1936 he developed the book Bauentwurfslehre, which has been continued to this day and is regarded as a standard work in architectural literature. In the course of his life, the advancement of standardisation in the building industry was always a major concern for him.

Through his teaching at Technical University of Darmstadt, Ernst Neufert influenced several generations of architects in their training and attitude.

To this day, Ernst Neufert's Bauentwurfslehre , in countless new editions and translations, is a much used standard manual for designing architects worldwide.


Ernst Neufert belongs to the generation of architects who, in the developmental years of the first half of the 20th century and after two wars, have the task of creating new intellectual foundations as an ordering element for the design of the environment and giving form and shape to these new insights.Complete curriculum vitae Prof. Ernst Neufert

Selected buildings

  • Mathematic Institut Abbeanum Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena
  • Dormitory of Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena
  • Own Residential Building with Studio (Neufert House), Weimar-Gelmeroda
  • Smeltery and storehouse for the United Lusatia Glassworks, Weißwasser/Oberlausitz
  • Residential building Hügelmann, Berlin
  • Residential building Kindt, Weißwasser/Oberlausitz
  • Hall for the Machine Factory Hagenuk, Berlin
  • Different Buildings for the Machine Factory Hagenuk, Barth
  • Factory for Aircraft Electronics Usine List, Rhinau
  • Own Residential Building with Studio, Atelier „Planerhof“, Darmstadt
  • Jenaer Glas Factory Schott, Mainz
  • Motorway Service Area (with Gasstation, Restaurants and Motels), Pfungstadt
  • Industrial Plant Eternit-Werk, Leimen
  • Factory for Linde Ice Machines AG, Mainz-Kostheim
  • Research Building (Water Engineering) for the Technical University Darmstadt
  • Cement Plant for Dyckerhoff (with various Building Types), Wiesbaden
  • Coal Power Plant, Pargas, Finland
  • Office and Studio „Planstatt“ and „Planerklause“, Darmstadt
  • Factory and Office Building, Eternit GmbH, Neuss
  • Mail-Order House Medaillon Moden, Offenbach
  • Winery E. Texier & Cie, Bingen
  • Ledigenheim (Dormitory (Workers Dormitory) Schott & Gen), Mainz
  • Administration Building and Textil Factory for London-Knitwear, Gießen
  • Paper Factory for the „Vereinigten Papierfabriken Nürnberg“, Neuss
  • Administration Building for Dyckerhoff-Portland, Wiesbaden-Amöneburg
  • Residential Building Aulbach, Miltenberg
Ab 1963
  • Factory for Hoesch AG, Hamm
  • His own Residential Building (Landhaus K.), Bugnaux-sur-Rolle, Switzerland
  • Office and Exhibition Building for the Industrial Factory Eternit AG, Heidelberg-Leimen
  • Winery Pieroth, Bingen
  • Institute for Information Engineering of the Technical University Darmstadt

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