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The Reasons Offsite

"The Reasons Offsite" is a virtual exhibition curated by SUMMARY, a young architectural studio based in Porto, Portugal.

The steadily increasing urban population of the world and the demand for immediacy, which is reflected in an Uber/Ikea/AirBNB-like lifestyle along with the level of technological sophistication, we have achieved, motivate SUMMARY to rediscover the concept of prefabrication, to understand its history and envision its future.

The project presents a collection of buildings and building systems significant in the historical evolution of modular and prefabricated architecture. Examples of different buildings are shown, from the 17th century to the present, from anonymous architecture to Jean Prouvé, Walter Gropius, Buckminster Fuller, Shigeru Ban and MVRDV.

“The Reasons Offsite” intends to point out conflicts between prefab building systems and traditional ones.

Standardization vs. customization, mechanization vs. humanization, science are going to be elaborated through the visions of Yona Friedman, Jorge Christie & Martín Alvarez, Pedro Alonso & Hugo Palmarola and Pablo Jimenez Moreno.

The contents are shown in a virtual reality environment, through VR headset kits, which transport the audience to a 20x20m virtual space filled with panels and architectural models.

Neufert Box, September/ October. 2019


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