Ernst Neufert in Darmstadt in the 1950s


Surveyor of the world

In addition to the artists at the Bauhaus, there was the pragmatist Ernst Neufert, who, like no other, shaped architects of the 20th century. Press reviews about Ernst Neufert:

Ernst Neufert: Surveyor of the world

in HÄUSER, 05/2019 : Bauhaus Series 100, Part 6, S. 110 - 114 A portrait of Ernst Neufert by Ansgar Steinhausen To the article on

Almost surgical

Reconstruction of Neufert's Quelle complex in Nuremberg by ksg architectsTo the article on

Interview with Prof. Kister on the Quelle complex To the article on

What remained of the Bauhaus

The Bauentwurfslehre of Ernst Neufert. Although closely related to the history of the Bauhaus - it is hardly ever mentioned, even in its great jubilee year. That is no coincidence. For it shakes the carefully cultivated Bauhaus image as well as the self-image of architects.

February 19th. 2019 by Gernot Weckherlin

To the article on

Father and son Neufert

Ernst Neufert «Pragmatic-Elegant Systemicist»
Text: Michael Kasiske, Issue of the Swiss construction newspaper TEC21 5-6/2015

Architects know Ernst Neufert as the author of the Bauentwurfslehre. However, it is little known that he tested his systems on buildings since then and was considered a master of industrial construction.To the text on

«Two confident people»
Text: Lilian Pfaff and Johannes Kister

Each an expression of his time. Although Peter Neufert pursued the same career as his father Ernst, he was not in his father's shadow. What characterizes both architects is made clear in a conversation with Peter Neufert's wife Marys and his daughter Nicole DelmesTo the text on

Peter Neufert «Networker with a sense of art»
Text: Lilian Pfaff

Peter Neufert understood how to attract renowned artists and experts for his work. Together with the engineer Stefan Polónyi, he has created the spectacular residential building X1 and the ceramics museum Keramion. To the text on


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