The Neufert Foundation awards scholarships to students of architecture, landscape architecture and the faculty of urban planning.

About the scholarship

Since 2007, the Neufert Foundation has been supporting Bachelor graduates of architecture, urban development and landscape architecture who plan to complete a Master programme abroad, with a one-time scholarship. The scholarship may also be awarded to foreign students who complete their Master programme at a German university.


The application period begins annually on 01 March and ends on 15 MayDownload application documents as PDF

As a student at Bauhaus Weimar, Ernst Neufert went on a one-year study trip through Spain. The knowledge and experiences he gained on his numerous study trips inspired his work as an
architect, teacher and author.

Bundesministerium für Bildung
In addition to our scholarship program we support the program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Scholarship holders

2020 Carina Nakato Musila, Städlschule,
Frankfurt a. Main, Germany
2020 Ansgar Stadler, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2019 Leslie R. Majer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2019 Juri von Aster, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2018 Maria Lamott, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2018 Anne Kathrin Müller, TU Vienna, Austria
2017 Han Cheol Yi, Harvard University USA,
Graduate School of Design, U.S.
2017 Anyana Zimmermann, Aarhus School of Architecture,
Aarhus Denmark
2016 Ege Baki, KU Leuven, Belgium
2015 Myriam Thiel, Umea University, Sweden
2015 Martin Dennemark, TU Delft, Netherlands
2015 Daniela Haug, TU Delft, Netherlands
2014 Kai Temkovitz, TU Delft, Netherlands
2014 Meruert Zharekesheva, London, England
2013 Julia Hegewald, AA London, England
2013 Christina Haas, EPFL, Switzerland
2012 Mara-Sophia Kanthak
2012 Carina Balg, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 Katharina Ungefug, Vienna, Austria
2011 Antje Heymann
2011 Juliane Klünter
2010 Elena Herwarth von Bittenfeld, Architectural Study Generale
2010 Sebastian Seyfarth, Architectural Study Generale
2010 Katharina Kaliczka, Kraków, Poland
2009 Jacob Przybylo, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2009 Lukas S. Bartke, Vienna, Austria
2009 Konstantin König, Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 Werner Schührer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2009 Claudia Ernst, AA London, England
2008 Vanessa Gutberlet, Vienna, Austria
2008 Thomas Weißenborn, Vienna, Austria
2007 Carolin Fickinger


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the foundation. Your donation can help us to finance scholarships for national and international architecture students, organise public events (Open Monument Day, Museum Night), hold guided tours at the Neufert House and Neufert Box, and realise exhibitions of contemporary architecture.


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